simon gets around a bit….

10 Apr

I think a lot of people are pissed at the weather lately. They miss the hot weather, the sun, the beach trips. I for one am loving this cold change. The sky is overcast, the breeze is nippy and I can finally sleep at night and get around without dying in a puddle of my own sweat. Oh winter, you approach fast! And I love you for it!

Took a little trip around the city yesterday and managed to spot a few more degroot traffic boxes. I love him too.

This was on the corner of George and Margaret St as you walk towards QUT:

And this was on the corner of George and Alice Street:

They really need to clean the bottom of these bad boys…

It’s starting to get to a point where I’d kill for a print of some of his work. I might have to take some close up shots of these and get the photos developed on a crazy big scale for framing.


trains update

9 Apr

You may recall the graffitied trains I got a photo of a while back. When the floods hit, the majority of Queensland Rails trains were sent to high ground. Some rather brave artists got out during it and art attacked the hell out of the trains. Besides the paint on the windows, I (and a few others) felt the art should have remained, as it turned a rather uninteresting sight in many peoples day, into something a little more colourful and fun.

Well, unfortunately, they caught the daring artists, and they’re now being prosecuted.  I think it’s a shame, and lets hope they get community service, they could really contribute to the council sanctioned street art around brisbane

challenge accepted.

7 Apr

Kevin, for a reason I can’t recall, challenged me to make a giant pom pom, to make up for the fact that during Hard Trash Collection -ooh shiver- I ditched the ottomans to the elements. (Fun fact; the large ottoman I gave to a friend has also been further dispersed via trash collection)

Oh and you better believe I’m taking the challenge, even though so far it’s cost me an awkward trip to lincraft and $25 in wool with no clear end in sight! Maybe it’ll go down in the Guiness Book of Records as the most expensive pom-pom ever made. Is there a section for that?

My colour theme is blues, whites, pinks and purples. I made the mistake of buying this lovely fuzzy yarn:

But it has no real bulk to it. Ive had to put other kinds in there (pom pom wool, normal knitting yarn) to give it some texture and bulk. But this thing really is huge, the centre rings are cut from a fridge box (that was sitting around still from when Kevin bought his fridge) and are REALLY hard, and I’m wondering how I’m going to cut them out in the end.

It’ll be a bit pointless to give constant updates on the progress, as all you’ll really see is a gay looking pineapple ring, so I’ll post about it again when it’s cutting and pom-poming time. Until then, I’ve got a lot of wool winding to do!

Gayest challenge ever? Possibly. But guess what, when it’s finished, guess who has a giant pom-pom on their couch. Me, that’s right. Not you, me!

freedom! you won’t let me down!

7 Apr

I may have lied about not taking any photos in Melbourne. Nothing substantial, but, I mean, this blog is supposed to be about Brisbane, and I do have a habit of going off topic and talking about my gay jaunts to Sydney.

In my defense this time, the below can be purchased Australia wide.

While wandering a shopping centre in Melbourne (that also involved a run through of the IKEA store), my friend and I happened upon a Freedom Furniture store, and these two limited edition chairs. Being the chairfag I am, there were photos, there was sitting, wishin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’. Planning and dreamin’ each night of their charms:

$1299 will get me into his arms.

Look internet, I know I just got a new couch, but….. LOOK AT IT! It’s so comfy. And just so.. ME.

I think the store might have had a few other things in it, but I wasn’t really paying attention. OMG Couch!……………..They sell homewares and furniture right?

Well, one other thing that did catch my eye briefly was the regal height of this chair, befitting of a queen:

That’s all I’ve got. If you’d like to donate money to the “Buy Clinton That Kick-Arse Colourful 2.5 Seater Sofa Foundation”, just let me know.

so many ways to play!

6 Apr

Ahh Duplo, Lego’s bigger cousin that gets along really well with small children, you can be used for such amusement.

Or, as I saw while walking home last night (with a few vodkas, wines and beers under my belt, “All the food groups” as I’ve been told), I spotted this colourful Duplo… code? above some glassless windows on a building facade (just the facade remains, there’s no building to it) on Brunswick Street just up from the Judith Wright Centre.


I wonder what it stands for, anyone know?:

God I hope Brisbane just became home to a really creative street artist.

Naaaw, plus, check out the Ricky Martinesque DILF at the beginning!:

just a bit of cock

5 Apr

You may remember Guido, the artist who did the traffic box with the monkeys on it from this post here.

Well, I found another, on the corner of Wickham and Gipps Streets in the Valley. I have to say, he has to be one of my favourites, I love the detail, there’s something so lifelike, yet cartoony about his work.

i’ve never seen a corporation with such a culture

4 Apr

Corporate Culture’s little window displays on Ann Street in the Valley continue to inspire little tingles in my no-no area, and the store is a fantastic excuse to go for a walk and do a loop through the valley.

So now I’m adding “green rug” and “cow chair” to my list of things I -need-. And that storage system is the funkiest thing this side of Funky Town.

(a green rug is easily obtained from IKEA, I fear what my shopping list after I move will look like. Oh god I hope the place I find isn’t wall to wall carpet. I hate that!)

Light, love it. Green arm chair, love it. Colourful snap together chair, love it.Funkytown!