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simon gets around a bit….

10 Apr

I think a lot of people are pissed at the weather lately. They miss the hot weather, the sun, the beach trips. I for one am loving this cold change. The sky is overcast, the breeze is nippy and I can finally sleep at night and get around without dying in a puddle of my own sweat. Oh winter, you approach fast! And I love you for it!

Took a little trip around the city yesterday and managed to spot a few more degroot traffic boxes. I love him too.

This was on the corner of George and Margaret St as you walk towards QUT:

And this was on the corner of George and Alice Street:

They really need to clean the bottom of these bad boys…

It’s starting to get to a point where I’d kill for a print of some of his work. I might have to take some close up shots of these and get the photos developed on a crazy big scale for framing.


an image is worth a thousand words

16 Mar

Well hello there. I’ve been a little negligent of this poor little blog lately. Had my computer die on me, and then everything is happening! I made a trip to Sydney for Mardi Gras, and I’m about to head to Melbourne for a few days and a few musicals. Life plods along nonetheless, and I do have a small backlog of posts to make, which should start showing up in the next few days.

My Mardi Gras outfit. There were red shoes too. Also a tail. It was recycled the next weekend in Brisbane for Big Gay Day.

In other news, I’ll be moving in a few months when my lease is up. It’s been a good three years where I am (god, living by myself since I was 21!), but time to find a slightly nicer place. With air con. Or at least a breeze. Summer was particularly cruel when it hit this year, the extreme humidity didn’t help at all either. So poking around and hoping to find a nice place to call new home when it comes around (june/julyish). Will be putting a little more effort into the place too, my crafting and decorating has been on hold lately because I’ve not been happy in my surrounds, and I’ve been considering moving for a while. Most projects are off until I move, as the motivation to do anything in this place is almost completely gone.

Anyhows, here are a few more photos from my trip around the city snapping shots of traffic signal boxes, these are all by artist “Worth”. Located towards Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill.

Also love the little circles on top of one, looks like they’ve used the top of the box as their working pallette, and then turned it into art as well:


What looks like a good use of leftover paint (and feels REALLY deGroot’y):

This used to have some additional John Howard-centric grafitti on it, I’m gathering it wasn’t the artists. I do however like the realistic looking person surrounded by tiny people with cutesy balloon faces, nice mismatching of styles:

misadventures in the mind forest

7 Feb

Oh yeah, more traffic signal boxes! Brisbane is just bursting with them. These wonderful little Euro Fairytale boxes, entitled “Mind-Forest Misadventure” by Olesya Petkov live near the dental school on Turbot Street as you walk towards Wickham Terrace/Roma Street Parklands.

I love the Brothers Grimm/White Queen look they have:

The artists description just doesn’t seem to do justice to the visual: “A woman running through a European forest in a billowing red dress.

They could almost be a woodblock print from an old storybook!

And speaking of Justice, and art, here’s Justice with D.A.N.C.E. (Love the tshirts!):

gettin’ my omnipotent lording on

6 Feb

I briefly covered reception in the building management office at Riparian Plaza this week. With not a lot to do, out came the camera and some shots at the serfs below were taken.

I like this kingly feel. Next time I need to go up higher. My favourite thing about these photos is how the reflected light from the gold windows of AMP Place shines on the road. You don’t notice that when you’re walking on the footpath.

Hehe, shiny!

Waterfront Place – I’m up on level 33 usually.

The view of Eagle Street, Eagle Street Pier and AMP Place, and more shiny.

Once moreĀ (with feeling) down Charlotte Street

Looking up Eagle St/Creek Street

Gotta love this job!

because i know we can’t turn back time

5 Feb

I can’t say I’ve spent alot of time on my knees lately. That is until I took photos of this traffic box. Located on the corner of Wharf and Queen Street, it has the cutest asian style depiction of a sugary Brisbane. Alot of squatting down on the road to get the details. And they’re just so damn cute (cute I tells ya! cute!).

I don’t know who the artist is, the only possible option was written in tiny Korean characters and I couldn’t get them to focus with the camera.

Cher was having the same problem…

I don’t think I’ve taken this many photos of a traffic signal box yet, this one was just so cute and so much little detail, it just sort of warranted it.

I kind of had to, didn’t I:

is it a bird? is it a plane? to be honest, it’s probably a bit of both!

3 Feb

Brisbane has a great new superhero. Immortalised in paint for the world to see. Defender of Justice. Keeper of the Peace. ……..shooter of lasers from his beak?

That’s right! It’s Laser Beak Man!

Tim Sharp, the artist, is a 21-year-old autistic guy from Australia who has taken his Laser Beak Man around the world. Good on you Tim! You can learn more about the artist, and see more Laser Beak Man at his website. I mean, come on! It was even turned into a short animated show on ABC! Way to support autistic artists, world!

This traffic box is located outside the 7/11 at the intersection of Adelaide and Edward Street in the CBD.

And I guess his power, much like Bjork’s, comes from smiles and giggles:

You see!

The similarities are uncanny!

Keep up the amazing work Tim! You too, Bjork!

i’m here with all of my (animal) people.

2 Feb

I think it must be my exposure to Disney from an early age, but I always get giddy when I see animals dressed as people. If it’s on a shirt, I want it. If it’s purchaseable, damnit I’ll try to get it. And if it’s in public and I see it every day, well, I’m going to have a giggle everytime.

Enter Douglas Trudgeon’s “Animal People” box on the intersection of Albert and Adelaide Street (Near the King George Square Bus entrance). Look! They’re dressed as people! How can you not love that!? I mean, I think it’s so awesome I’m having trouble forming coherent, detailed sentences….

Oh my god the bird is drinking the water Zebra is reading a paper!

I’m having Babar flashbacks! Who didn’t love that show!? And that themesong!

And the fish! They’re just sussing out the happs’. Wassup little fish.

Ok…ok… I…. I think I’ve calmed down….I’m alright…..

Best theme song from a children’s show. Ohai fuzzy childhood memories, there you are.