challenge accepted.

7 Apr

Kevin, for a reason I can’t recall, challenged me to make a giant pom pom, to make up for the fact that during Hard Trash Collection -ooh shiver- I ditched the ottomans to the elements. (Fun fact; the large ottoman I gave to a friend has also been further dispersed via trash collection)

Oh and you better believe I’m taking the challenge, even though so far it’s cost me an awkward trip to lincraft and $25 in wool with no clear end in sight! Maybe it’ll go down in the Guiness Book of Records as the most expensive pom-pom ever made. Is there a section for that?

My colour theme is blues, whites, pinks and purples. I made the mistake of buying this lovely fuzzy yarn:

But it has no real bulk to it. Ive had to put other kinds in there (pom pom wool, normal knitting yarn) to give it some texture and bulk. But this thing really is huge, the centre rings are cut from a fridge box (that was sitting around still from when Kevin bought his fridge) and are REALLY hard, and I’m wondering how I’m going to cut them out in the end.

It’ll be a bit pointless to give constant updates on the progress, as all you’ll really see is a gay looking pineapple ring, so I’ll post about it again when it’s cutting and pom-poming time. Until then, I’ve got a lot of wool winding to do!

Gayest challenge ever? Possibly. But guess what, when it’s finished, guess who has a giant pom-pom on their couch. Me, that’s right. Not you, me!


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