a tale of two ottomans

4 Oct

Once upon a time, in a lounge room far, far away, there was an ottoman.

A great prince had procured it from a wandering interior designer, off on a scandanavian adventure.

It was cheap, it served a function.

But unfortunately, the ottoman turned ugly when you looked at it.

Enter the sewing machine, and some fabric bought for free on the young prince’s Lincraft Club points.

(retro, right!)

He originally considered putting the fabric over the couch to hide its dreadful hideousness.

One overcast day, while watching Ab Fab, he sewed and cut and sewed and cut, and stabbed himself a few times. The end result was… interesting to say the least.

But that ottoman is now gone, for it was too long for the princes tiny castle.

And he went ottomanless for ever and an age.

Ok… enough with the fairy tale.

So I got rid of the ottoman because it was too long and imposing. It now resides in a friends loungeroom, without the crazy retro fabric.

Then a couple of weeks ago mum and I went to the dump shop! (Surprise surprise) and there they were, filthy, upholstered in a sandy microsuede (why.. why is everything a sandy microsuede colour!?) that had half a dog worth of hair in it.

But they were only $5 each. So I relented (with much cringing over their filthyness from mum) and packed them into her car. I’m pretty sure they originated at Fantastic Furniture. And they’re just a cube of foam. No base or anything (this will create issues later…!)

I got them home, and set about cutting them out of their filthy coverings and making some new ones. Like most men my age, I have a big box full of fabric for just such sewing emergencies (….right?).

So they’ve gone from a sandy dog hair encrusted cheap looking microsuede…to this:

(naked ottoman)

to this:

But they’re not quite finished. Between my dodgy sewing job (it’s all corners and making a cube out of fabric with minimal desk space) and my inability to sew zippers, I’m going to have to, at some point in the near future, get two plywood squares to fix to the base so I can staple gun the ends down and put another square of fabric at the bottom.

Until then, they’re serving their purpose fine. And they’re stackable! I’ve learnt that in a small space, if you love your furniture, you have to love it modular, stackable, multipurpose and generally simple.


3 Responses to “a tale of two ottomans”

  1. mat October 4, 2010 at 10:17 pm #

    Ye olde ottoman rocks at the Manor!

  2. Giovanna October 5, 2010 at 6:23 am #

    They look great.. I would hardly recognise those disgusting, dog hair ridden things 🙂

  3. Matthew P Gridley October 7, 2010 at 1:00 pm #


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