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trains update

9 Apr

You may recall the graffitied trains I got a photo of a while back. When the floods hit, the majority of Queensland Rails trains were sent to high ground. Some rather brave artists got out during it and art attacked the hell out of the trains. Besides the paint on the windows, I (and a few others) felt the art should have remained, as it turned a rather uninteresting sight in many peoples day, into something a little more colourful and fun.

Well, unfortunately, they caught the daring artists, and they’re now being prosecuted.  I think it’s a shame, and lets hope they get community service, they could really contribute to the council sanctioned street art around brisbane


a little bit of mardi gras in my life

2 Apr

So yes, someone went down to Sydney for Mardi Gras! My first ever, and a fantastic time was had. The after party was A-MAZING, with Alexis Jordan performing “Happiness” and Wynter Gordon doing “Dirty Talk”. Amoung all the glitz, glam and trashyness, there was some time to have a (really hung over) trek around Sydney.

The Friday night involved a trip to Stonewall that I don’t quite recall, and a drag show that I don’t seem to have any recollection of, though some photos did appear on my phone:

And then the next day… some time in the afternoon, when the hangover had subsided, off to China Town we went!

I love a world of eating!

And this hydrant that had been graffitied and now looks like a happy lego man robot…

And speaking of Lego……

Freaking…. Lego… Exhibit at the Aquarium……

I'm totally gay for Poseidon

Someone set out to create a horsecock with all of the tan lego pieces underneath this. And no, it wasn’t me.

The horse took some 900,000 pieces to make and I forget the count on the Poseidon.

There was also a large Lego mural on the wall outside. The photos aren’t that great because a) it was behind glass and b) sunny sunny day:

And this collection of colourful chairs at Myer (or David Jones….. I think it was David Jones) caught my fancy little eye:

But clearly the highlight of the weekend was the Parade, and though we had a great view from a friends place, we still watched most of it on TV, because Pam Ann was down there doing interviews!

Oh guuuuurl it was crowded down there, and when the parade started, about 20 mins in, it began to rain like nobody’s business. It was pretty heavy, but didn’t last all too long. There would have been a lot of running mascara down on the streets however (and it looked like a glitter bomb had exploded in the city the next morning!)

And then the afterparty. And then sleeps! It was a great experience all up, and without becoming a scene/party person, I am looking forward to going again next year. It really does give you a sense of pride and belonging. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, go to Mardi Gras, it’s incredibly uplifting!

The 2am show from Alexis:

And Wynter’s 4am dirty spectacular:

do the busstop!

2 Oct

Saw this great piece of wheatpasted street art inside a bus stop at West End this morning. It’s on Montague Road at the Ashington St busstop for anyone curious enough to go check it out.

and the music plays on..

28 Sep

I’ll be the first to admit that although my tastes in music vary, I really can’t go past some trashy pop, or music that tries to take itself seriously.

And my two recent addictions music-wise have been the following two songs. And wouldn’t you know, they were both filmed in Brisbane!

The first song doesn’t count as trashy pop in any way.

Megan Washington, the subject of some rather confusing dreams, weaves her musical magic for “Sunday Best” in a very theatrical way.
Filmed in the fantastic(ly expensive) French Restaurant “Belle Epoch” at The Emporium with it’s angled mirrors, wall of alcohol and cute booths. Unfortunately it’s about to close and make way for an Italian Restaurant.

But enjoy the film clip!

The second, is Scarlett Belle’s single “Closure”.
For those of you who don’t know, Tamara Jabar (or Tam-Jabs as I lovingly refer to her) was once a part of Scandal’Us, most remembered for their catchy hit Me, Myself and I, has now broken up with her husband, Australia’s biggest piece of wanker Kyle Sandilands, and is now part of an attempt at a two girl group with some woman from Australian Idol.

It was filmed in Cloudland in Fortitude Valley. Filled with themed areas, avant garde (bordering on a kitschy tackyness that I love) interior design, a ceiling that opens and a massive water wall. They do a really great tapas menus too! (Click here for the Cloudland website)

Youtube won’t let me embed this one, so jump through to the link!

And because I can’t resist.. here is Scandal’Us’s filmclip for “Me, Myself and I”

all catalogue prices are maximum prices valid until august 1, 2011

25 Sep

Something came for me today, delivered in a car (because I’m special) by a good friend, and I’m very excited about it. I had been perusing the online version for a few weeks now, but nothing beats the feel of the real deal.

As a bit of a design addict, you tend to find inspiration in anything. I’ve met too many people (we’ll call them “design wankers”) who dismiss this place as cheap, nasty (mainly because of where the Queensland one is located) and devoid of any furniture or decorative item worthy of merit or purchase.

They should be shot.

And of course I’m talking about IKEA. And I’m now the proud owner of the 2011 IKEA Catalogue

I do agree that you can’t just buy everything from IKEA, because then your home would be devoid of any real personality (it takes time, searching and a lot of trial and error to come up with a look that really shows who you are, and that will forever be changing!), kind of like when someone just buys a bedroom or lounge room set to furnish their place (or those hideous “deals” from Fantastic Furniture…. furnish your house for $1500!…… most of the stuff is shoddy, weak and wobbles like hell).

Having said that, some pieces from IKEA are generally considered staple pieces. The EXPEDIT and BILLY systems come to mind.

The catalogue is a fantastic diversion from the store, and gives you a greater sense of what you can do with the furniture you find there. There are also some fantastic little design gems… artwork designed for the sets that you can’t buy in stores, an interesting paint job.

I’ve gone through the catalogue and found a few of my favourites.

Showing off their new wall cubes. They’re not that cheap, but I love the tin robots and paint job. And moreso, I LOVE the tin robots!

These sort of artwalls have been done to death lately. Unorganised and fantastic to look at. But I don’t blame them – they only get one catalogue a year. And I think it all looks great set against the white.

I’m a sucker for bursts of colour, what can I say.

8-bit floral KLIPPAN sofa. I’m not a fan of the couch comfort wise, but they really do rock out with some awesome cover designs for this puppy. If they’d make it softer, I’d consider buying one. Maybe.

IKEA will help you install your new kitchen! And… I’m guessing another part of them saving money is to just clone this one person, and send his copies out. You only need to pay the person who was cloned right?

OK – that had nothing to do with design, but it made me laugh when I saw it.

Oh you’re all going to learn how much I love quirky, odd things. This cloud ceiling is great. And if I wasn’t renting, I’d probably do something similar to my drab white ceilings.

This was great. Above a page advertising BILLY bookshelves, this cute art series with leaves, beetles, butterflys and patterns.

Bit of boho morrocan chic for your family kitchen!

So now, I just have to wait for my next IKEA trip. Though I’ll probably end up splurging on a cowhide rug. Something about them just feels right in my place. (It’s probably the balsa wood deer head and plush bear hunting trophy I already have….)

…because they’re filled with pretty pictures.

24 Sep

I have a confession to make.

It’s a substance abuse problem.

I’m addicted to interior decorating magazines. Quite heavily.

It all began while I was working at an architecture firm last year. Turns out, among the ones I had worked at, it was the most boring, uninspiring job I’ve ever had, with very little to do, and I needed something to pass the time.

Enter the newsagency down the road. It started innocently enough. A copy of InsideOut magazine.

From there it ballooned… Vogue Living, Belle Magazine, Real Living Magazine, Australian Home Beautiful (a free subscription with my switch over to 25% green electricity through my energy provider!), Australian House and Garden, and (once upon a time, when Borders actually stocked it) Ready Made magazine.

Sometimes, you realise getting them monthly just isn’t enough. A landscape architect friend hooked me up with about 30 back issues of InsideOut that he had stashed under his bed, and the Lifeline Bookfest (another addiction that happens two or three times a year where they fill 2 large warehouse rooms at the Southbank Convention and Exhibition Centre with books, magazines and more old people stocking up on books then they’ll never manage to finish in their limited remaining time that you can poke a stick at.)

They’ve been a great source of inspiration, and for letting me show off to my friends my trendy design knowledge.

Though really, they just make me want to buy things. Things I couldn’t afford in my wildest dreams! Or fit into my unit!

So until my dreams come true, I continue to buy these magazines, stash them away, perve on the Todd Oldham house tour, and wish that maybe one day, in the not too distant future, I’ll have a slightly bigger place to deck out in a hipster meets Swedish design style. (Though I did manage to finally get my hands on a BILLY bookcase from IKEA – totally needed it for all the new books and magazines).

Even then, I don’t think I’ll want to kick the habit!

This is BILLY here by the way (bad iphone photo….), a little overstuffed because I’m shifting my loungeroom around at the moment and my other bookshelf is slightly emptier for it…

Oh, and yes, that is a giant matchstick next to it.

Mr Bookshelf

because people told me to!

21 Sep

How does one go about introducing their blog that’s inevitably going to be filled with dump shopping exploits, tales of cooking, strange asian foods, crappy movies, 90s music, sewing, painting, furniture, more dump shopping exploits and excitement at the thought of going antique shopping? (or 2011’s hard trash collection day!)

In the only way I know how, with a music video!

Enjoy Solange Knowles foray into music, wonderfully remixed by the Freemasons (seriously – the unremixed version is kind of crap). I saw this song played for the first time earlier this year, during my first trip to Sydney. It’s catchy!

Looking forward to many more one sided conversations with myself until other people decide to read my blog!