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freedom! you won’t let me down!

7 Apr

I may have lied about not taking any photos in Melbourne. Nothing substantial, but, I mean, this blog is supposed to be about Brisbane, and I do have a habit of going off topic and talking about my gay jaunts to Sydney.

In my defense this time, the below can be purchased Australia wide.

While wandering a shopping centre in Melbourne (that also involved a run through of the IKEA store), my friend and I happened upon a Freedom Furniture store, and these two limited edition chairs. Being the chairfag I am, there were photos, there was sitting, wishin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’. Planning and dreamin’ each night of their charms:

$1299 will get me into his arms.

Look internet, I know I just got a new couch, but….. LOOK AT IT! It’s so comfy. And just so.. ME.

I think the store might have had a few other things in it, but I wasn’t really paying attention. OMG Couch!……………..They sell homewares and furniture right?

Well, one other thing that did catch my eye briefly was the regal height of this chair, befitting of a queen:

That’s all I’ve got. If you’d like to donate money to the “Buy Clinton That Kick-Arse Colourful 2.5 Seater Sofa Foundation”, just let me know.


ohai, new couches

28 Nov

So yesterday morning old couch was finally picked up and taken away forever. A little sad to see it go? Yes (though I was incredibly tired after going out the night before – and was told it was going to get picked up around 8:30-9:00am…. more like 10:30….)

I think it’s all looking a bit better in the loungeroom these days:

Still deciding on the age old debate of “To Reupholster or To Not Reupholster”. Time shall tell.

And now, of course, I’m giving myself an excuse to get myself a sexy new rug for the loungeroom, I had one once, a red wool loopy deal from Loot Homewares I got when I moved in, but the texture always made the floor look messy, and now it resides at mum’s place, looking alot better there than it did at mine.

marshmallows shouldn’t be brown.

24 Oct

Two and a half years ago I moved into my little baby rental unit. Only 6 months out of home, I found this place, put an application in, got it and moved in all in the space of a week.

We’ve been through alot, this place and I, two lost jobs, lost love, a thousand karaoke sessions aided and abetted by alcohol, the summer heat and mosquitos, and the constant death stare I give my couch.

For a bit of back story, when I moved in, I had alot of furniture. Let me rephrase – whenever I’ve occupied one room (a bedroom) my belongings have always seemed plentiful. But a bed and tv unit a house do not make. My first two weeks here (middle of winter….) were spent shivering on the floor, covered in the thinest blanket this world has ever seen, watching Torchwood and eating sweet potato chips. A friendly passerby (we’ll refer to her as “Mother”) noticed I lacked a couch, and so off we went for a day of couch hunting. This was back in the day when I wanted a formal space, with a colour theme (red, black and white)… and somehow ended up with a lumpy brown couch (out of everything we sat on in my price range, it was the most comfortable…)

Turn the clock forward a few years, and while the comfort remains, my style has changed, and the couch is really too tall for the space (it takes up way too much visual room and is very imposing on my loungeroom). So I’ve been on the hunt for a new couch, and everything’s too pricey damnit (and I nearly ended up getting a couch from Fantastic Furniture…. I know… I cried too!)

-unsure how to segue this well-

So I work at a real estate firm in asset services, and one of the buildings we look after recently did a lobby refurb, so the old couches are up for free grabs! They’re 15 years old, leather, and used to be a deep dark colour (black or green) that has faded into a lighter green. A two seater and 2 one seaters. Long curved metal legs. And I’m pretty sure I can whip together some covers for the removable cushions.

Meanwhile… did I mention they’re free? The two seater is as long as my current couch, but has much thinner arms, so I’ll be able to fit 4 people on it (I can currently seat 3 on my couch) It’s also half the height!

So here is my current couch (no luck selling it yet on Gumtree…)

Ugly, yeah, I know.

Though hopefully my pain will be over soon. I’ll put photos up next weekend when the new couches arrive and I’ve finished figuring out how to rearrange the loungeroom completely.

Should be fun!

new farm antiques (a retropalooza!)

3 Oct

I’m not usually one to get up during the day on a weekend and go wandering by myself, but it’s been a rather sedentry weekend, and I figured I’d climb up off the couch and go for a walk.

I’ve been wanting to check out the antique centre on commercial road at teneriffe ever since I moved to the area (which was late ’07), but never got around to it.

Why on earth did I put it off for so long!?! They have everything I’ve ever wanted in my place. Lovely Danish furniture (that would only need it’s cushions reupholstered to look fantastic), a zebra skin rug (if anyone would like to donate to me $2000 I’d be more than happy to buy it for myself!), retro kartell furniture (in a lovely beige colour) and an orange plastic pendant cover that I’m totally going back for when I get paid… and looks exactly like the one over at manhatten nest, although not as new and glossy, though I’m sure some elbow grease and orange gloss spray paint could fix that.

But the absolute find of the day had to be this retro couch set, already marked as sold (shame) that had me grinning from ear to kitschy ear:

I don’t know why, but I live for stuff like this! If only I had found it first! Though I doubt it’d be all that great in summer, it’s obviously covered in a vinyly “fabric” that resembles one of those christmas tableclothes you use outside.

….And both summer and christmas are drawing ever closer. Should be interesting to see what Brisbane gets up to for that!