hard trash, the sweetest thing

2 Apr

My favourite time of the year came around in New Farm recently. 3 little words that, when whispered, send an erotic shiver up my spine.

Hard. Trash. Collection.

That’s right! At the end of February, a whole week was dedicated to sticking your shit on the side of the road and having people rummage through it prior to the council stealing it away on the 28th.

And lets be honest, there was a lot of shit. Microwave cookery books, someone who used calendars, but only wrote in them for the first two or three months, and then lost the drive, lamps that omg I would have taken home had the bastards not cut off all of the wires to them, rendering them useless, and the largest collection of dirty mattresses I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been to the dump shop!).

An afternoon was dedicated to treking about to see if we could find anything for Kevin’s new place. He found squat, I found gold! Go me!

This sexy fella got dragged around with me, and now sits in the loungeroom. It needs some wood glue and some screws to make it seat worthy, but I like him!

Filthy old mattress with a nice 60s flowery fabric on it. (This DIDN’T come home with me, though when Kevin saw me eyeing it, he did voice his concerns)

A kids bench with a little dog and cat on it!

Oh, but the pièce de résistance of the ENTIRE thing was this magnificent styrofoam “3” that rested near the Balfour Street end of Bowen Terrace. God I wish I had overlooked the slight water damage and just taken it home, because lo and behold it was gone an hour or so later!

But I’ll always have the memories! Thank you, Hard Trash Collection (-shiver-) 2011!

I’m quite the spunky cub, aren’t I?

Cub: A term used in gay circles to describe a young, husky, hairy gay man. Essentially a young ‘bear.’


One Response to “hard trash, the sweetest thing”

  1. Michael April 5, 2011 at 8:15 am #

    yes indeed. you are a very spunky cub!

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