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simon gets around a bit….

10 Apr

I think a lot of people are pissed at the weather lately. They miss the hot weather, the sun, the beach trips. I for one am loving this cold change. The sky is overcast, the breeze is nippy and I can finally sleep at night and get around without dying in a puddle of my own sweat. Oh winter, you approach fast! And I love you for it!

Took a little trip around the city yesterday and managed to spot a few more degroot traffic boxes. I love him too.

This was on the corner of George and Margaret St as you walk towards QUT:

And this was on the corner of George and Alice Street:

They really need to clean the bottom of these bad boys…

It’s starting to get to a point where I’d kill for a print of some of his work. I might have to take some close up shots of these and get the photos developed on a crazy big scale for framing.


send in the clowns

22 Jan

It’s been a fun floodcation so far, the closest we’ll ever come to having a “Snow Day” in Brisbane. And although I’ve been enjoying the “working from home”, as of Monday it’s back to the hard slog full time.

After a stint on 4zzz‘s “QueerRadio” block on Wednesday night, the Booze Fairy visited and Thursday night (Wickham) and Friday night (Uber -awesome interiors!-, Melbourne Hotel, Wickham.. and rocking out the Pat Benatar at Sporties Karaoke… I was awesome) came about. Back on the radio tonight for the graveyard shift. Busy busy busy as you can see.

So what’s a boy to do? A light breakfast in the Valley was in order……

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the “Hoochie Momma”… $16.50 worth of artery clogging breakfast delight, served not on a plate… but a freaking serving platter. By the end of it, all that was left was a little bit of wilted spinach, the baked beans (not a fan) and a tiny bit of bacon and toast.

Followed by the inevitable nap that’s required after eating that much food.

Did manage to get a few snaps of some more electrical boxes on the way home:

Can’t sleep…. clown’ll eat me. Or are we thinking more Evil Mime? Located on the corner of Brunswick Street and Kent Street in New Farm (outside Place Real Estate)
I know I’ve posted this degroot box before, but here it is from the side angle, it’s also one of the few I’ve seen so far that has no detail on the back, just plain grey steel.

Put your hand up if you love porn stars! Now keep it up if you love porn stars who try to break into the music scene! (I’m looking at you Colton Ford and Johnny Hazzard!) Well enjoy this single from everyone’s favourite buff euro of the screen, Zeb Atlas with this delicious cover song. It’s really just him touching himself and autotuning his way through bits of song. I’m not complaining.

more degroot!

14 Oct

Whilst elegantly stumbling around Fortitude Valley last night, on a journey down art and graffiti filled McLaughlan St, I happened upon another Simon DeGroot traffic signal box.

Once again, bad iphone photo taken at midnight:

It’s such fun art, all these cute, simple faces, almost like tamagotchi.