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so many ways to play!

6 Apr

Ahh Duplo, Lego’s bigger cousin that gets along really well with small children, you can be used for such amusement.

Or, as I saw while walking home last night (with a few vodkas, wines and beers under my belt, “All the food groups” as I’ve been told), I spotted this colourful Duplo… code? above some glassless windows on a building facade (just the facade remains, there’s no building to it) on Brunswick Street just up from the Judith Wright Centre.


I wonder what it stands for, anyone know?:

God I hope Brisbane just became home to a really creative street artist.

Naaaw, plus, check out the Ricky Martinesque DILF at the beginning!:


just a bit of cock

5 Apr

You may remember Guido, the artist who did the traffic box with the monkeys on it from this post here.

Well, I found another, on the corner of Wickham and Gipps Streets in the Valley. I have to say, he has to be one of my favourites, I love the detail, there’s something so lifelike, yet cartoony about his work.

i’ve never seen a corporation with such a culture

4 Apr

Corporate Culture’s little window displays on Ann Street in the Valley continue to inspire little tingles in my no-no area, and the store is a fantastic excuse to go for a walk and do a loop through the valley.

So now I’m adding “green rug” and “cow chair” to my list of things I -need-. And that storage system is the funkiest thing this side of Funky Town.

(a green rug is easily obtained from IKEA, I fear what my shopping list after I move will look like. Oh god I hope the place I find isn’t wall to wall carpet. I hate that!)

Light, love it. Green arm chair, love it. Colourful snap together chair, love it.Funkytown!

gorillas in the mist

3 Apr

Once again my love of animals that think they’re people keeps being piqued.

This was on the return trip from a morning of Homemaker City frivolity, we passed this traffic signal box on Wickham Street. Then I backtracked and got a photo of it while Kevin, full of shame, kept walking ahead.

Neither Tarzan, Sigourney Weaver or George of the Jungle were anywhere to be seen unfortunately.

in the domayne of queens

3 Apr

I what? I went to Domayne again? No!

Yes. I had to pick my computer up from getting fixed, and, well, there was furniture (and shiny) and I just can’t resist! I’m only human, and if you say otherwise I’ll get you with the gun that’s built into my cyberne….. I mean…. -cough- pretty pictures yay!

Some incredibly lucky woman had managed to purchase this prior to me seeing it. The mole. Now what will I do for patriotic fowl?

Naaaaw! Resin and Red makes even ugly dogs look adorable. Also, WANT! And in black!:

Giant game of chess anyone? I actually saw a large chess set on the street in Melbourne. I do regret to inform you that there are no photos from my trip to Melbourne. My phone decided it liked to chew through the battery when not being used, so the camera rarely got used. However…. Xanadu… omg… if it ever comes to your city, drop what you’re doing and go see it. I’m still listening to ELO songs two weeks later.

Ok this photo isn’t that great at getting the detail across on this table because of the bright lights and high gloss finish, but it’s a tiled table top that looks like it was hit with some paint. We’re calling it the “Wog Art Attack” table. Why? Because as a child growing up in an Italian household, we had a tiled coffee table and a freaking tiled BBQ table. Yup. Tiled. In tiny little tiles. I’m going to have to find a photo of that, I’m sure my mum will have on somewhere. We also had a fountain in our front yard…. go figure.

NSW Leather also do dyed cowhide rugs. I also still want one, in case you were wondering what to get me as a housewarming present when I move.

I love these lamps. Kevin had begun to fag out on some white couch or white table or white tv unit, or something white (his decorating borders on racist), and I zoomed in right on the lamps. I’m getting that “Silhoutte of a vase, or is it two faces” feel from them.

But never fear, cause I’m sure there will be about a billion other trips to Domayne this year. So if anyone working for Domayne in Fortitude Valley needs like.. paid for product reviews (send samples), I’d be more than happy to do so! It’s not like I don’t love the place anyway.

Did someone say ELO?

an image is worth a thousand words

16 Mar

Well hello there. I’ve been a little negligent of this poor little blog lately. Had my computer die on me, and then everything is happening! I made a trip to Sydney for Mardi Gras, and I’m about to head to Melbourne for a few days and a few musicals. Life plods along nonetheless, and I do have a small backlog of posts to make, which should start showing up in the next few days.

My Mardi Gras outfit. There were red shoes too. Also a tail. It was recycled the next weekend in Brisbane for Big Gay Day.

In other news, I’ll be moving in a few months when my lease is up. It’s been a good three years where I am (god, living by myself since I was 21!), but time to find a slightly nicer place. With air con. Or at least a breeze. Summer was particularly cruel when it hit this year, the extreme humidity didn’t help at all either. So poking around and hoping to find a nice place to call new home when it comes around (june/julyish). Will be putting a little more effort into the place too, my crafting and decorating has been on hold lately because I’ve not been happy in my surrounds, and I’ve been considering moving for a while. Most projects are off until I move, as the motivation to do anything in this place is almost completely gone.

Anyhows, here are a few more photos from my trip around the city snapping shots of traffic signal boxes, these are all by artist “Worth”. Located towards Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill.

Also love the little circles on top of one, looks like they’ve used the top of the box as their working pallette, and then turned it into art as well:


What looks like a good use of leftover paint (and feels REALLY deGroot’y):

This used to have some additional John Howard-centric grafitti on it, I’m gathering it wasn’t the artists. I do however like the realistic looking person surrounded by tiny people with cutesy balloon faces, nice mismatching of styles:

send in the clowns

22 Jan

It’s been a fun floodcation so far, the closest we’ll ever come to having a “Snow Day” in Brisbane. And although I’ve been enjoying the “working from home”, as of Monday it’s back to the hard slog full time.

After a stint on 4zzz‘s “QueerRadio” block on Wednesday night, the Booze Fairy visited and Thursday night (Wickham) and Friday night (Uber -awesome interiors!-, Melbourne Hotel, Wickham.. and rocking out the Pat Benatar at Sporties Karaoke… I was awesome) came about. Back on the radio tonight for the graveyard shift. Busy busy busy as you can see.

So what’s a boy to do? A light breakfast in the Valley was in order……

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the “Hoochie Momma”… $16.50 worth of artery clogging breakfast delight, served not on a plate… but a freaking serving platter. By the end of it, all that was left was a little bit of wilted spinach, the baked beans (not a fan) and a tiny bit of bacon and toast.

Followed by the inevitable nap that’s required after eating that much food.

Did manage to get a few snaps of some more electrical boxes on the way home:

Can’t sleep…. clown’ll eat me. Or are we thinking more Evil Mime? Located on the corner of Brunswick Street and Kent Street in New Farm (outside Place Real Estate)
I know I’ve posted this degroot box before, but here it is from the side angle, it’s also one of the few I’ve seen so far that has no detail on the back, just plain grey steel.

Put your hand up if you love porn stars! Now keep it up if you love porn stars who try to break into the music scene! (I’m looking at you Colton Ford and Johnny Hazzard!) Well enjoy this single from everyone’s favourite buff euro of the screen, Zeb Atlas with this delicious cover song. It’s really just him touching himself and autotuning his way through bits of song. I’m not complaining.