traffic signal boxes and a whole lot more detail!

16 Nov

There’s a new traffic signal box in town and it’s on the corner of McLaughlan and Brunswick Street. Like so many card playing monkeys before it, I present to you….

A card playing monkey!

I actually saw the people painting this, but by the time I got back, they had gone. I would have loved to ask them some questions and plug their other art. Maybe next time!

And it turns out I’ve hit the jackpot. This is done by Guido Van Helten. Who also did the “Derryn Hinch” box I posted earlier.

You can find out about all these works at Urban SmArt Projects. While this doesn’t mean I’ll be ending my series on traffic signal boxes as I find them, it’ll certainly give me a little more to go by when I do find them!

This website also has information on how to paint a box. So if you’re a local artist and you’re keen on having your work seen by commuters and pedestrians every day in a very public way, I’d suggest taking a look at the site and expressing your interest!


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