a little bit of mardi gras in my life

2 Apr

So yes, someone went down to Sydney for Mardi Gras! My first ever, and a fantastic time was had. The after party was A-MAZING, with Alexis Jordan performing “Happiness” and Wynter Gordon doing “Dirty Talk”. Amoung all the glitz, glam and trashyness, there was some time to have a (really hung over) trek around Sydney.

The Friday night involved a trip to Stonewall that I don’t quite recall, and a drag show that I don’t seem to have any recollection of, though some photos did appear on my phone:

And then the next day… some time in the afternoon, when the hangover had subsided, off to China Town we went!

I love a world of eating!

And this hydrant that had been graffitied and now looks like a happy lego man robot…

And speaking of Lego……

Freaking…. Lego… Exhibit at the Aquarium……

I'm totally gay for Poseidon

Someone set out to create a horsecock with all of the tan lego pieces underneath this. And no, it wasn’t me.

The horse took some 900,000 pieces to make and I forget the count on the Poseidon.

There was also a large Lego mural on the wall outside. The photos aren’t that great because a) it was behind glass and b) sunny sunny day:

And this collection of colourful chairs at Myer (or David Jones….. I think it was David Jones) caught my fancy little eye:

But clearly the highlight of the weekend was the Parade, and though we had a great view from a friends place, we still watched most of it on TV, because Pam Ann was down there doing interviews!

Oh guuuuurl it was crowded down there, and when the parade started, about 20 mins in, it began to rain like nobody’s business. It was pretty heavy, but didn’t last all too long. There would have been a lot of running mascara down on the streets however (and it looked like a glitter bomb had exploded in the city the next morning!)

And then the afterparty. And then sleeps! It was a great experience all up, and without becoming a scene/party person, I am looking forward to going again next year. It really does give you a sense of pride and belonging. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, go to Mardi Gras, it’s incredibly uplifting!

The 2am show from Alexis:

And Wynter’s 4am dirty spectacular:


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