is it a bird? is it a plane? to be honest, it’s probably a bit of both!

3 Feb

Brisbane has a great new superhero. Immortalised in paint for the world to see. Defender of Justice. Keeper of the Peace. ……..shooter of lasers from his beak?

That’s right! It’s Laser Beak Man!

Tim Sharp, the artist, is a 21-year-old autistic guy from Australia who has taken his Laser Beak Man around the world. Good on you Tim! You can learn more about the artist, and see more Laser Beak Man at his website. I mean, come on! It was even turned into a short animated show on ABC! Way to support autistic artists, world!

This traffic box is located outside the 7/11 at the intersection of Adelaide and Edward Street in the CBD.

And I guess his power, much like Bjork’s, comes from smiles and giggles:

You see!

The similarities are uncanny!

Keep up the amazing work Tim! You too, Bjork!


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