i’m here with all of my (animal) people.

2 Feb

I think it must be my exposure to Disney from an early age, but I always get giddy when I see animals dressed as people. If it’s on a shirt, I want it. If it’s purchaseable, damnit I’ll try to get it. And if it’s in public and I see it every day, well, I’m going to have a giggle everytime.

Enter Douglas Trudgeon’s “Animal People” box on the intersection of Albert and Adelaide Street (Near the King George Square Bus entrance). Look! They’re dressed as people! How can you not love that!? I mean, I think it’s so awesome I’m having trouble forming coherent, detailed sentences….

Oh my god the bird is drinking the water Zebra is reading a paper!

I’m having Babar flashbacks! Who didn’t love that show!? And that themesong!

And the fish! They’re just sussing out the happs’. Wassup little fish.

Ok…ok… I…. I think I’ve calmed down….I’m alright…..

Best theme song from a children’s show. Ohai fuzzy childhood memories, there you are.



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