forme del mito: forms of myth 1983

31 Jan

These sculptures, named “Forme del Mito” by Arnaldo Pomodoro  are located on the corner of Turbot and Edward St, near King Edward Park in the plaza at the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder (a slightly epic flight of stairs that leads up to Spring Hill). I always just think of them as Gold Daleks, though to be honest, this was the first time I really inspected them properly. I never realised the detail, and they seem rather sharp in places (though I didn’t test that theory out). They’re originally set pieces from the Greek play Agamemnon and are apparently famous. They used to be located in King George Square.

So the “Gold Dalek” is called Clytemnestra and symbolises ambition, while the golden box is called Aegisthus and symbolises “The Machine. Then we have what I’ve dubbed the Giant Hairclip (it’s the teeth I tells ya!) named Cassandra and symbolises prophecy. And last but not least we have the golden pyramid, named Agamemnon, symbolising power.

These structures are quite tall, probably around the 2 meter or more mark (I’m 178cm, and felt quite dwarfed). Enjoy!


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