the guardian

30 Jan

Another weekend gone by, fairly quietly. Had my last shot of helping out on 4zzz with my friends graveyard shift early this morning (I’ll try to splice the files together and upload them here at some point), and slept the majority of the morning away. After an hour of pottering about the house, I shaved my head. And seriously, I’m never wasting money on expensive clippers every again. Back when I moved into my place I bought a $50 pair of rechargeable hair clippers, mainly for maintaining sexy manly facial hair….. then I started going the clippered look on my head, which also coincided with a big evening out with friends, for which I was very late (And many frantic, panicked, close to tears phone calls were made), because the clippers weren’t cutting my hair! ….though eventually after an hour and a half we got there. So, $15, new clippers. TWENTY MINUTES! Oh yes, 20 minutes, head shaven and “The Piper’s Song” listened to about 4 times (I can stop whenever I want).

Then out the door, camera in hand! So swingers, the next few posts, thankfully, actually have really good photos. And I’m surprised too! Because I took them, and they don’t look like they were taken from behind a thick piece of cloth!

So here we have “The Guardian”, on the corner of Wharf and Anne St in the city (a bit like a hooker). I used to look at this fellow from across the road on my way to my last job, and always thought it was some sort of horned man, or antelope. But it’s just a sweet puppy/man cross with some sticks in his backpack.

I kind of love this photo, and was thinking of editing it up a bit and getting it printed on a canvas.

Detail from the back.. and the Wicked ad. I really can’t wait to see Wicked (again). I saw it in Melbourne 2 years ago and loved it.

The plaque that accompanies it. “Lexicon” is the building it’s located outside. If you’re interested in seeing more of the artists works, you can visit their website here.

I -personally- think these photos, and the sort of art you see in Brisbane, if you care to look, do give it that “World City” feel that council is trying to plug. On a Sunday arvo, Brisbane CBD is like a tinier, really sleepy, practically empty Melbourne. Fantastic for those of us with apprehensions of going out with a camera (Russian accent at the ready, just in case anyone tries to talk to you)


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