burj al lego

30 Jan

I’ll admit that I’m kind of grasping out for a particular element of everyone elses childhood that I don’t recall having, namely in the form of Lego.

From my blue lego cufflinks to my fascination with furniture covered in Lego and that AWESOME part of Art in the First Decade at GoMA that was just a 100 meter long table covered in white lego and buildings (read: insane cityscape) made out of it, they’re just so cool. But I’ve been holding off on buying the stuff for so long, why, I do not know.

Until last week. 2 x basic brick boxes (oddly, from two separate Big W stores, both times managing to get my grubby little hands on the LAST one) and a little baseplate (tooootally need to buy a bigger one). Now I just need to buy more Lego and a big clear plastic box to put it all in! -is not obsessed- -foams at the mouth-

One brick box, among the army men and white contact paper (that I want to use to cover the hideous kitchen cabinets finally) I bought that day

And I’ve just been building overly busy, complex and elaborate towering structures. The current challenge in my head seems to be to build something as tall as possible, but with enough stability to not get knocked over by the gale blowing from the fan in the loungeroom. I’ve been compared to Dubai. Bitches, I am Dubai!

Here was my effort the other day, when I finally had some time to play:

I was a little bit proud of that one. Held up by only three small towers of 2x2bricks, with some odd ring of long bricks to build up on.

And then tonight happened. Can’t sleep because I slept this morning after the radio gig, 900 bricks, Kathy Griffin on TV, sitting on the floor with no pants on (it’s past midnight, why bother?)

Meet the Burj al Lego, 6 million rooms, 45 restaurants, 13 shark tanks, enough room in the elevators for your pet Giraffe, and they’re faster than the ones in Taiwan.

I know, there’s wonky bits, I’m not claiming to be a master builder or a future savant architect. I’m just a big kid playing with lego. And goddamnit it’s fun! I never want to grow up!


2 Responses to “burj al lego”

  1. Kristy January 30, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I had to sell my giraffe. I want to know if you can fit my elephant in the elevator. Also, I want dates and coffee served by my shark-watching seat. Also, I would like gold leaf on my dates. And don’t let your valet scratch my maserati this time.

    • decoratingbrisbane January 30, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

      There’s a special elephanvator. Padded with the finest velvets so as not to injure your elephant. We do not serve non-gold leafed dates, so this is no problem at all.
      That valet was deported. It won’t happen again.

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