riparian plaza

21 Jan

A little over a year ago I began working at my current company, and although the role I interviewed for and subsequently got wasn’t to begin for another month, they needed a receptionist in the management office of one of the buildings they looked after. Plenty of experience with that!

The tallest building in the city (from floor to top of spire) for a time, Riparian Plaza is one of architect Harry Seidler’s last buildings before his death. The management office on level 31 has a fantastic view right up Charlotte St.

Very stormy weather we had during my time there, and I was given a bit of a tour in one of the vacant residential apartments. Massive kitchens, curved rooms and a view that allows you to lord it up over the serfs below!

The view from the apartment:

Staring up from the balcony:

And this wall length kitchen. The only thing truly worth taking a photo of in an otherwise empty apartment. It’s massive!

Now all I need to do is save up for a year and I can move in for a week! Fun to see how the other 1% live. I want in. So if you’re a devilishly attractive rich doctor/lawyer/property developer and in need of some live-in male company, do let me know. I can move in tomorrow.


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