harvey norman, je t’aime

19 Jan

Yesterday was seasonably hot and humid (I’m starting to really miss the nice cold snap we had at the start of summer) and I’m slowly being reduced to a hairy puddle as a result. Summer and I don’t get along, I don’t sleep well, I overheat, and I get really bitchy (I blame the lack of sleep).

In order to escape the heat we circled the car park at Garden City trying to find a car space for what felt like forever…. I mean…. went to Garden City for some air conditioned comfort, Easy Way Tea,  and ended up in Harvey Norman, as one does.

Ooooooh guuuurl. Harvey Norman have started rocking out the Warwick Fabrics on their furniture (or if they’ve been doing this for a while, I never noticed…. because I didn’t know Warwick did grandma florals and brown microfibre…), and I have to hand it to them, even though there’s not a 2010-2011 line in sight…. the fabric they’re using makes some conversation pieces out of rather plain furniture!

I think they could have done something other than black for the other pieces, would have made it a little more interesting, but I do love the Paul Smith-esque fabric.

Typography arm chair and day bed… don’t mind if I do!

I thought the grey one was a photoprint from afar, but it’s got a very japanese watercolour feel to it up close. I do love the black though, the colours are more vibrant.

If anyone needs me I’ll be in Africa adopting babies like Brangelina and Madonna just so I have an excuse to buy this child-sized picnic table.

On the plus side, it did eventually rain (though not for long enough, and it heated up pretty quickly again). I did get to enjoy it though:


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