go left, go right, go pick up the step, go left, go right, go left!

19 Jan

I’ve been feeling a little more childish and fun of late, I think part of that has to do with having company over on a semi-permanent basis (the mate staying here while his place is de-flooded). I’ve bought a Wii, Lego (finally! this should get fun) and a heaving pile of green and brown plastic army men.

So what to do with these army men? I’ve been looking at different art and craft projects with them on the good old internets, and most peoples suggestions involve just spray painting them all one colour and glueing them to a canvas:

To be honest, I do love this though.

Then I remembered this little gem:

“War Bowl”, made by UK designer/artist Dominic Wilcox in 2002, it retails in Australia for a bit over $200…. I managed to get the materials for $10:

I read a few instructions online to get an idea of how to do it properly, and decided to do it in stages so I could build them up a little easier. I used a large metal IKEA bowl to melt them in (which is now useless for food, and I need to buy a new one).

This was after melting the first layer and putting layer two on top. My oven is horrible, from the 1950s, lacks fan force… and it’s in fahrenheit, so I just set it to it’s highest setting (500) and let heat do its magic.

About an hour of melting, cooling, and melting again, I ended up with this (a mass grave, or so I’ve been informed):

It’s surprisingly sturdy and heavy, I guess plastic doubles in weight when it’s melted! Not too sure about the colour though, it will probably find itself being spraypainted something else before the weeks out, a nice bright colour might take the “mass grave” look away.


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