More cake shop delight

9 Jan

Ok – BreadTop is opening everywhere in Brisbane. I love it. You love it. And I’ve found another birthday cake I want (remember the cute ones from my last trip to Sydney?)… and it’s a freaking tiramisu cake.

I believe I’ve already dedicated my mum to getting said cake for me. Because, as a young adult male turning 24, I require a mature cake that reflects my personality. AND IT’S JUST SO FUZZY WUZZY ADORABLE!

The dirty thing is, the cake reminds me of the dog in the Princess cartoons that the South Park creators did way back when. It’s totally NSFW, so you’ve been warned.

Off topic, this song and it’s film clip are quite fantastic. I’ve been a fan of Art vs Science for about a year and a half now, and this film clip is even better than Magic Fountain. Who doesn’t love Harryhausen style monsters, impossible geomtry and a Legend of Zelda style setup!? And they’re Aussie boys too!



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