a rather pathetic week-in-review

4 Dec

Drawing ever closer to the end of the year, and work has been incredibly busy (6 months of filing to get through, oh god the fun!) and as such haven’t really had the creative juices flowing, though the wine has been flowing like a river.

So all I have to offer are a few tidbits that I’ve seen through the week:

I love the fabric on this lamp shade I saw while passing (art)isan one evening.

One of Jennifer Lopez’s “taco flavoured kisses” on the elevator in a friends building… unfortunately it had been cleaned away on my next visit.

And the Hermes store finally opened in the Brisbane CBD, and they were handing out free horse balloons. One of the girls in the office managed to get one.

Photo drastically cropped due to incredibly ill-fitting pants. Should get around to buying some new ones.

Off to the parentals tonight for babysitting duties. Might spend the night making pom-poms for my yet-to-be-completed christmas tree. And that’s about all I’ve got sorry, it really has been a busy week!


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