degroot… and is that derryn hinch?

14 Nov

What a fantastic weekend it’s been so far. The sun is shining, a shopping trip down at Surfer’s Paradise occured (I’m sorry wallet and bank account, you didn’t deserve what I did to you – but I needed those clothes and new necklaces!) and a night out was had back in Brisbane.

Totally needed them. The small robot and the rocking horse are the ones I got when I last went to Sydney…. the plane and the bird -may- have been bought from a woman’s accessory store, but they’re totally unisex in style. I swear. And I rocked the plane at The Zoo and The Beat last night.

And some more DeGroot was spotted, this time on Anne St in the Valley (I’ve also seen a few of his out in the ‘burbs along main roads, not exactly photo friendly situations)

I’m really getting into his style. Lot’s of muted colours and cute little faces.

And then there’s this one on the corner of McLaughlan and James St in the Valley. Vectorish in appearance, but you can make out people… and I swear one side has Derryn Hinch on it.

Derryn Hinch?

See the similarity here?:

Probably not Derryn Hinch…..

As an end note, I mentioned earlier a trip to The Zoo. This was with a mate to see singer Kate Martin. She’s got a very soothing style, and while the set wasn’t all that long, I have to say that I enjoyed it. Plus… indie guys at The Zoo… hooooot.


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