here’s a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall

9 Nov

Back when I moved in to my unit, after a friend suggesting I put the couch against the wall to increase space (it has since been moved back to it’s original position to create a faux entryway) I became increasingly taunted by the large white abyss that was the wall above it.

A bit sad and pathetic, isn’t it, though this wall hasn’t been this white since. (read: I’m never getting my bond back)

I set out to create a wall covered in art. Being relatively broke at the time, I decided to undertake it with print outs from the internet (thank you work printer!), my balsa wood deer head, a big calculator bought from Officeworks 3 years previous, a few photos from my trip to Melbourne for my 22nd birthday and as many little IKEA RAM frames that I could get my hands on (over what turned into about 10 visits to IKEA for frames) and paint in a multitude of colours.

In the space of about 5 months, my wall went …”from drab, to fab!” and was a very large focal point of my unit, thanks to my pilfered blu tac.

Nearly there! (I had very frequent facebook photo updates on how the wall was coming along, which is where I’ve had to pull most of these pictures, as I can’t find them on my computer or phone or camera anymore)

…this was all during the cold months. It turns out that summer isn’t so kind to blu tac, and I would frequently have pieces fall down (usually on mine or a guests head). I’d come home from work, assess the damage and straighten up whatever had tilted (to the point of being held up by another frame) or had jumped to the ground completely. Sometimes I’d go to mum’s place for the weekend, only to return to find a fifth of the wall had committed suicide and jumped to the ground below.

The wall is complete!

Over time, I started to get a bit bored of the art I had up and my taste was starting to change. I frequented the dump shop, and started to aquire new pieces. But I’m terribly lazy at heart, and nothing ever changed.

One of the last known photos of the wall

Then one day, feeling a little worse for wear, I took a day off work. In a moment of madness I spent 3 hours pulling frames from wall, blu tac from frames, blu tac from walls (and the occasional spot of paint too) and developed the biggest blisters on my thumbs I’ve ever experienced, and delved into what was left of my 3M hook stash.

Towards the end of a very painful morning (for my thumbs)

Up went the Ed Roth monkey head stencil on a canvas, the paint chip piece I made after buying Mark Montana’s Big Ass Book of Home Décor, and the moustachioed woodgrain home sweet home sign I made one night and the full page Santa Lego ad that ran in mX at Christmas last year (which has been residing on the side of my fridge), at which point I ran out of 3M hooks and had to wait… and wait…. with a incomplete art wall.

I bought some more 3M hooks on my way home from work this afternoon, and put a few of the other canvases and dump shop art (let’s call it “thrift art” from now on) up. Wall still isn’t covered, and I’ve got a healthy pile of canvases to create pieces on.

So for now, the wall isn’t back to it’s previous glamour, and it’ll have more of a thrift/humour chic to it when completed, which means I’ve got some art to pump out, yo’! Always good to have a running work in progress!

Horrible iPhone photo, but this is where the wall and I currently stand. Once the couches are rearranged (I sold the old one – just waiting for it to be taken away) and the wall is completed, I’ll do a house tour.


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