all i want for christmas is you!

1 Nov

(really early Christmas related post, though the retailers totally got a bigger headstart on this one)

So I finished my paper bead garland tonight (besides spraying it with a gloss, which I’ll do tomorrow night). I ran out of blue paper, so made some red beads and put them in amoungst the various blue tones. I think it turned out quite nice. Very much looking forward to Christmas this year, I wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate it last year due to being out of work, so I’m trying to make up for that this year.

Paper beads are amazingly easy to make, though you’ll get covered in gluestick doing it.

I learnt how using this video from ThreadBanger (a fantastic DIY site/b&v-log)

And here is my finished result:

Colour scheme works quite well. I can recommend putting Bones on while you do this. Or Castle. Castle is good too.

I really am feeling quite giddy about Christmas, I get to whip out two of my favourite albums of all time:

Yup… Bing Crosby’s Merry Christmas and Disney’s Christmas Favourites. Childhood favourites. My first stepdad had the Bing Crosby Christmas album on CD (back when CDs were all new and fancy and the players were these giant mothers with huge buttons, and an epicly sized tray to place the CD). Mele Kalikimaka being the best song on it.

I used to have the cassette (I’m starting to feel old now!) of the Disney Christmas Favourites but it met its untimely end when leant out to a teacher when I was in grade 5. I missed it dearly, but managed to find both in fine condition on LP at various 2nd hand stores around the place.

….and let’s never forget Mariah Carey’s contribution to the wonderful world of Christmas music. Not many modern songs permeate the tradition like this one has!

This is the “other” film clip:


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