oh i just can’t wait to be king (or queen)

29 Oct

Ahh Thursday nights. As is my usual way, I ended up with red wine in my system, and glitter in my eyes. Not literally. Though there’s usually a little bit of glitz going on somewhere.

The Wickham had a little Disney themed show going on. I for one love Disney films. I grew up watching them.

The poster tells a tale of a lavish production.

The reality was a little different, though it was great getting to belt out a few Disney songs.

We began with Circle of Life, and the costume was pretty awesome. Tribal and a lions mane:

And then jumped into Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (with a guy dressed up as a girl dressed up as a guy….) :

Followed by The Mickey Mouse March:

Even Cruella DeVille showed up!

After that it was time for a quick game of some of the poorest played pool I’ve ever partaken in (it was shocking, the alcohol was working against me and making me shake, also, it’s hard to see only coloured balls.. none with bands…. in a dark room and only disco lighting to see), and my usual walk home with McDonalds in hand.


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