lions and tigers and bears. oh my!

27 Oct

This is post is based on some old photos, but I figured I’d start treating you to little random tid-bits that exist in my unit before I get my place all cleaned up, styled, and photographed for an Apartment Therapy House Call.

I had been seeing a lot of faux taxidermy on the internet. I already have a balsa wood deer head that I found on Venucci (and I totally plan on buying more stuff from there when I have the funds).

The main thing that caught my eye was this taxidermy plush unicorns, and about a hundred other examples floating about on the internet, and I got to thinking, it couldn’t be that hard to do it oneself! Here is the story of that, and it begins… as all things do… with the Dump Shop.

……………So when I started this blog, I knew there’d eventually be a dump shop post (and this is the first of many – it’s an almost fortnightly excursion). But before we launch in to the plush trophy, let’s give you some background on my beloved Dump Shop

The Logan City Council smartTip recycle centre is a second hand store at the dump that sells back the stuff that people throw away that is saleable. The profit goes to some unrecalled charity and is run by Logan City Council.

But mum and I lovingly refer to it as the Dump Shop. Because it’s a shop. At the dump.

We found out about it by chance one afternoon while we were visiting my grandmother. We’re a rather thrifty family and always bang up for something awesome at a bargain. She started telling us about this amazing place, and where to find it. Mum and I look at each other with a glint in our eyes, and decided to go then and there.

Now, the downside of the dump shop is that it’s in a low socioeconomic area. So you get “dump shop kids”. The ones with parents who don’t have a lot of money so their toys, clothes and etc are bought there. And one mother brings all twenty billion of her children along to run havoc, beg her for broken toys and puzzles with pieces missing (and VHS tapes) and off they go.

Mum and I go, trolley in tow, to score some crazy interior décor. We’ve gotten art (lots of it) kitchen stuff (I finally got a set of white plates and the beginnings of a picnic set), jars, and a large stuffed bear whose head I cut off and mounted on a wall trophy (don’t worry, photos will follow below!)

It’s almost become a competition to see how cheap we can get things. There’s one woman that works there who seems to have taken a shine to mum (or she just doesn’t care that much), so we get things really cheap.

Then there’s the lady that has probably watched a few too many episodes of Antique’s Road show and considers herself a purveyor and valuer of the fine arts. I tried to buy a print in an ornate (yet cheap) wooden frame painted gold. She touched the art to make sure it wasn’t real, and then says “Oh, that’s a nice frame. Ten dollars!”.

Fine, whatever, I’ll buy it, but I hate you a little more.

Then there are the things I didn’t buy, like the blue bookshelf that wouldn’t have fit in mums car, or the old school phone bench with red velvet seat. I haven’t seen another like it yet, and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing it and ignoring the words of advice against it.

….Or that “Bibleman” video. Biblical superhero. Sounds stupid. I love that!

I have a bit of an interest in faux taxidermy. Ever since I bought a balsawood deer head and put it on my wall in an IKEA Ung Drill frame, I’ve wanted to bring small elements to my place that give a modern take on a men’s club parlour. And everywhere I turned online I’d see fake bear rugs cut out of old rugs, and trophy mounted plush toys. And i had to have the latter! (One day, I’ll even have the former!)

A trip to Reverse Garbage at West End one weekend after the markets found me the trophy mount, which I painted, painted, painted, painted and glossed a thousand times… which sat around for a month while I did other things, looked briefly around, and ended up finding the piece de resistance at the dump shop!

Enter the Dump Shop and their random assorted plush toys from kids that don’t want them anymore. Giant bear? $3!. I cut its head off and sewed it up (with my little brothers watching me, they were less traumatised and more “Sew up the neck hole on the body so we can keep it!!!”) and impaled it on a piece of coat hanger wire I’d put through a hole in the neck and hot glued in place. I’m very happy with the end result!

I didn’t really plan it too well, it was all just a very random series of events that bought me to really putting it together.

He sits in the space above my bedroom door. Took a bit of getting used to really. I spent a few weeks freaking out that something was coming for my head everytime I left or entered my bedroom. Now I’m used to it. And alot of people don’t notice it until I point it out. Then the giggles kick in.

I love my place. Giggles are the best.


3 Responses to “lions and tigers and bears. oh my!”

  1. Michael October 27, 2010 at 8:03 pm #

    It’s the bear from THE BIG BLUE HOUSE. Thank you for collecting his head, it is better there than making more episodes for TV. Now tell us the real hunting story!

  2. Josephine November 1, 2010 at 1:54 am #

    But what’s its name? It totally deserves to have a name!It can’t just be Big Blue House Bear.

    • decoratingbrisbane November 6, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

      I never thought to name him, I should get onto that. Saw a big horse plush at the dump shop today and considered buying it to do another “trophy”

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