i’m so never getting my bond back…

25 Oct

…… but at least I have this sexy pendant light above my kitchen counter until I do decide to find a new place!

A trip to Mitre 10 at lunch got me a masonry drill bit, some white pvc dipped hooks and masonry plugs.

Drilling into concrete is rather scary, especially the ceiling, (mainly because I keep forgetting just how thick the concrete slabs are in this building). The plugs aren’t in all the way…. a couple of mm out, but I was getting paranoid, and half expecting an upstairs neighbor to come down and start chewing me out for making a loud noise. I’m really happy with how it looks though.It’s all just wired up to an extension cord so it’s plugged into the wall at the mains, and not wired in properly. I like the hooks and wire look though. Seems to work in my place.

Meanwhile I’m having trouble maintaining my patience until Sunday rocks around and I get my new lounge set and get to rearrange the room.

No luck yet on selling the current couch. Put it up on ebay today too, so fingers crossed!


2 Responses to “i’m so never getting my bond back…”

  1. Daniel Kanter October 25, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    Sa-weeeet. A massive orange pendant light should be a staple in any home, I’m pretty sure.

    Kind of jealous that you don’t get the orange glow crazy lighting effect… it worries me that I’m just completely used to it by now.

    • decoratingbrisbane October 25, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

      It’ll take you all of half an hour to not get that effect with some spray paint. Though it does make the light a little more directional and thats probably not the best idea for a kitchen.

      I still have the ceiling light that was installed when I moved in, so I get options.

      I’m getting happy with how everything is coming together. Two and a half years in the making… finally becoming a home. Should just save and buy the place.

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