are you thinking what i’m thinking b1? i think i am b2!

25 Oct

So we had an interesting morning yesterday! Eagle St pier was closed due to a man on a yacht, threatening to blow it up if his demands weren’t met.

Turns out his only demand was a bacon and egg mcmuffin from McDonalds. The whole thing died down at 9pm yesterday. You can read about it here.

In honour of his request, Nova FM had a guy on the scene this morning with a massive back full of bacon and egg mcmuffins, calling it the Seige McMuffin Meal. I’m glad that’s the way I walk to work. Free breakfast? Hell yes!

Ok, so not the most tantilising looking thing in the world, but, I’m only human, why pass up a free feed just because it’s unhealthy?

But the real idea behind this post, is having an idea. Street Art style! This lightbulb has been (dangling) stuck to the wall of the stairs near Customs House on the Riverwalk. I see it everyday, and I finally nabbed a few photos of it. Quite the lightbulb:

Should have asked a passerbyer to take a photo of me in a silly tourist pose underneath it. Maybe next time.


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