let there be light! (almost….)

24 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my trip to the New Farm Antique Centre and my find of a plastic orange pendant shade (the same one blogged about on manhatten nest). Well, it’s been on my mind for two weeks, and seeing as how I wasn’t in Sydney or gallivanting around anywhere this weekend, I thought I’d go see if -fingers crossed- it was still there.

So after a trek to Fortitude Valley to get some cash out, I walked the rest of the way to Commercial Road. It was hot, I was sweating, but I was hopeful. You could say I was covered in hope.

Took me all of 5 minutes to find it. Mine! All mine! (“Here’s a man who knows what he’s looking for” was the comment by the guys behind the counter, and we briefly discussed the retro couch… it’s not sold…it’s just forever on hold for different people who never end up wanting it, and they’re willing to take the price from $599 to $500…. cautiously watch this spot. I might try to haggle them for the ottoman and a one seater…)

So I got my new best friend home, all scratched and banged up and set about repainting it. A trip to mitre 10 got me the orange I was after. And I coated that bugger as well as I knew how.

Let’s just say it was windy and some newsprint hit the wet paint and came off in it…. and in a panic I coated the area quite thickly.

Now… plastic… is transparent….. even with a coat of colour, so when it was all plugged in and turned on (yeah, I wired it myself, hacking apart an extension cord I bought) the thick area of paint was REALLY noticable, and I ended up spending numerous recoatings trying to cover it up, to no avail (god I even tried to sand back the thick area, and a heap of black sand got caught in the paint, making it worse!).

Enter my current favourite thing: grey primer. I figured a two tone colour would look great (wait for the photos… I’m so right on this). So I sprayed the inside with primer. Once that had dried, a coat of Fiddly Bits “Almond” (Fiddly Bits is the cheapest spray paint brand you can get, though the colour range isn’t exactly the greatest) made sure the plastic was now opaque, and had a cool two tone effect. I can always repaint the insides orange, but this means I don’t get the orange glow, which I have to admit, would have freaked me out a bit. I can’t handle coloured interior lighting very well.

So, while there are no before or during shots (I got covered in enough paint, I didn’t want my phone or camera covered in same), here are the glorious after shots:

The retro orange outer:

The creamy almond interior:

And a little bit of both:

Now I just need to get a couple of hooks to string it up in the middle of the kitchen counter.

And, in unrelated gyoza news, I did eventually get them all made (4 freezer bags full, though one has been eated over the course of the weekend), 6 hours of gyoza-ing all up. I learnt that it’s better to put more than enough flavouring in then what the recipe calls for (especially when it comes to ginger, teriyaki sauce and sesame oil).

Good lessons to know for next time, though I think I’ll get someone to assist me when round two rears it’s head.


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