a little post about the weekend i spent in sydney, lost for the most part, trying to find my way around

20 Oct

I’ve been a little busy since I got back from Sydney. Besides catching up on sleep and crying at how much money I spent, I’ve also used the past couple of nights to fill my freezer with pre-cooked meals. Hopefully this should get me through the month! Rissotto, Spaghetti and Japanese Chicken Curry. Hopefully tonight I’ll make a big mess of Gyoza to freeze.

This was my second time in Sydney, a little more planned than the last, but a whole lot less organised. The days were mainly spent by myself, trying to find my way around (and very unsuccessfully I might add – what should have been a 30 minute walk to the Sydney Antique Center turned into an hour and a half journey of wrong directions, back streets, back tracking, asking for directions, squinting around and walking in circles – and was very disappointed when I finally made it there.)

I did too much shopping (including Ayumi Hamasaki’s new maxi-single, a cute robot necklace and a lemon and fish-shaped cutting boards), WAY too much drinking, spent equal amounts of time in nightclubs  and in bed recovering and got to know Cakes by Helen in Chinatown way too well (luckily I bought too much and some of it still resides in my freezer. I love savoury chinese cakes and buns)

I don’t get to play tourist in Brisbane much, so I definately took the opportunity to whip out the iPhone and get some interesting photos of things as I walked around, sun burning my neck and high top sneakers digging into my feet because I somehow decided it would be a FANTASTIC idea to wear ankle socks with them.

Famous last words on my long weeked: “I’ll have the long island iced tea!” (which worked in cahoots with the 8 or so beers I had to provide me with the worst hangover I have experienced since I drank a bottle of bacardi 151 over a 3 day weekend …. actually, i digress, this hangover was worse!)

….but without further adieu, here are some of the more interesting/in-focus photos of the trip:


I’m pretty sure this was a flash mob. At a busy interestion, on either side of the road, were groups of people, rolling tyres around. I really only took this shot because those two boys in white are holding hands, and I thought it was cute.

Next door to the Sydney Antique Center is another furniture store, and they had these cute, mini-sized (though totally full sized in price) knock off Eames RAR rockers.

Chinatown Search for A Supermoderrrr. I think they were promoting the store they walked into afterwards. Later that evening I went inside. It’s a beauty store with the cutest, most awesome decor ever. Little bird cages, ceramic deer heads, fake grass and plants, mushroom stools, the worlds most wonky stairs, and animal vinyl wall decals. Will have to make another trip there when I’m in Sydney next to take some interior photos.

Sitting outside QVB, Queen Victoria had been given a wardrobe update. I love the little scottie dog cameo that she’s wearing around her neck. Bronze statues are usually so boring!

Paddy’s Markets – the home of cute. These little dancing animal puppets caught our attention. We totally got lost inside here too. I found the robot necklace here, and a colourful plastic watch I wanted to buy (don’t worry watch! I’ll be back!), unfortunately I had to find an ATM. 15 minutes to find a way upstairs to get money out, followed by an almost 45 minute hunt to find the stall that had the robot necklace (and we looked at others, and couldn’t find one). Managed to score a cool tote bag that’s a designer knock off, a rocking horse silhoutte necklace and -eventually- the robot necklace.

Ahh promo ugg boot man, how you amused me!

Roma Therapy. The oldest, lazy eyed, unable-to-lipsyncest amateur “Drag Queen” the world has ever known. Though, go the headpiece. And yeah, the left eye doesn’t open all the way, and he/she hadn’t applied to the fake lashes properly. There was a totaly overload of sequined fabulous on stage that night (and that’s just the curtain behind the stage!)

David Jones had a Disney Villian going on at the fragrance department windows.

This guy was one of two street artists I saw doing large scale copies of art. The detail was amazing, I wish I could have gotten in closer.

A Virgin Gym is opening in Sydney soon, and this demo in Martin Place was pretty fun to watch. The crew were handing out bananas (which we quickly ate when we were at the airport)

On my way to Oxford St on Monday afternoon, I met this little fellow. Taped to the street sign, and made of what I’m really hoping was a garbage interior (like it claimed) wrapped in cling wrap, and not (as I’m morbidly sure it was) a small child wrapped in cling wrap.

And finally, if anyone is curious about what sort of cake I’d like for my 24th next year..  the Baa Baa Sheep cake is on the very top of my list. How cute is that! I LOVE Chinese cake stores!

So that was the non-drunken highlights of my trip to Sydney….

Here’s the drunk one (check out my drunk-eye, swollen booze face and everything!):

And a second attempt, as I try to compose myself like a dignified human:

So that was my fun weekend away. Now back to the daily grind of work, TV, cooking, and getting paper and instructions together to create my retro/scandi homemade christmas tree decorations.


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