that inevitable post where i gush about ikea.

12 Oct

I don’t know if many of you realise, but the IKEA catalogue still hasn’t been delivered to the New Farm area. I know, I know. I’ve already got one. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a few more. One for the bookshelf. One to carry around when I go to IKEA. One that gets cut up. One I accidentally lose.

…..Isn’t it pretty?

To tame the beast within though, there is an iPhone app, and a pdf download of the catalogue

On the plus side, Australia have finally gotten access to the “IKEA Family” discount initiative. And I joined up quick smart. And I’m hoping my card will arrive in time for the upcoming visit to IKEA this weekend, so I can take advantage of the discounts on their books (yeah! IKEA have books, about their designs, textiles, etc etc etc, and I -need- all of them), fabric, and various things I -need- to make my life complete.

I’d recommend clicking here to sign up and recieve your discount card.

Also, did you know that not ALL of the new items are displayed in the IKEA catalogue? Thye slowly add stuff to their line throughout the year, so if you’re a fan, pay close attention to the “NEW” list on their page.

Having trouble with christmas decorating? Their Kallt range of lighting is out once again.

Now… I know not everything at IKEA is great. Personally I hate this (now discontinued) small space dining solution called “Fushion”:

Let’s face it. It’d hideous. Dark wood doesn’t go with metal. If there had been a “wood tone with glossy white” colouring going on, it might have worked. At least colour wise. Frankly it’s a nightmare to sit in. Like drinking from a square tumbler (I’ve tried, it doesn’t work).

But that’s about it for my IKEA hate.

The following was recently put forward to me in a facebook exchange, and I hope my responses give you a moment to think about how you utilise your space, design your home, and consider mass produced items, and not just in regards to IKEA. Alot of my place is decorated with second hand items or things I’ve found at discount stores. You can make it work without it looking horrible and cheap:

re: why you gotta hate ikea so bad?

2 reasons … 1) shopping for furniture is tedious and boring,

2) it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find the way out without walking through the entire god forsaken place, tripping over children, being subjected to hideous designs… ohhhhhh it’s just not nice in any way, shape or form

And here’s my advice:

There are shortcuts…. Consult the map before you enter, it has them listed.
Not all the stuff is bad, many interior designers consider a few pieces design staples. And their new Stockholm range is based on Danish mid century furniture. Really lovely classic looking stuff. Textiles (edit – manchester, i do love their fabric lines) are a bit dodge, the colours are nice, but some things are definately a case of you get what you pay for. Though having said that, you should never furnish your home from one store. It lacks character, and ikea is a great place to get cheap basics until you find that piece that you’ve been searching for.

…. Well, I think I’ve embarrased myself enough here!


2 Responses to “that inevitable post where i gush about ikea.”

  1. Dan October 12, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    While I generally hate going to the Ikea showroom (more the trip there, all the other people and their awful children– not really my time there, though), Ikea’s totally legit. Some things really are beautifully designed, manufactured, and inexpensive, and I respect that they always credit the designer. All that particle board kind of gives it a bad name, but people don’t know what they’re talking about if they refuse to consider Ikea pieces in any context.

    Also, Swedish meatballs, a true delicacy. Wednesday “Rib Night” at the Brooklyn IKEA… that seems wrong to me.

    • decoratingbrisbane October 12, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

      I’ve learned to love going there.
      I know not everyone’s a fan of particle board, or the honeycombed paper, but there’s no other way to make furniture that cheaply. Everyone would be complaining about the higher cost, and wouldn’t shop their otherwise. Bit of a double edged sword.
      And we have the same problem with the people and their horrible children…

      I love the meatballs, and I’m glad they finally stuck them on their breakfast menu (we haven’t had IKEA food hall for that long, was a recent addition when they launched their newer, bigger store). Rib Night hasn’t reached us yet….

      Dan – I love reading your blog. Thanks for so much inspiration.

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