i saw the sign (and it opened up my mind)

10 Oct

A few months back I went through a bit of a cull and restock of my furniture. Alot of it I couldn’t find homes for with friends or via facebook, so I did the most logical thing.

I put it on the side of the road.

….but anyone can do that. Where’s the fun for the finder?

I made a habit of putting notes on the furniture to get their interest. And it usually worked, most pieces were gone within an hour. I love New Farm for this, it’s such a diverse group of people living here. From old retirees, wealthy singles and families, to students scraping by.

And I’m pretty sure it was the students that picked up my cast offs and welcomed them into their home.

It started with a fan:

It gets REALLY hot in my place in summer (thanks for the no airconditioning mr owner!) and I had two fans beside my bed to make sleeping semi bearable. Turns out this fan did nothing, and the teeny tiny desk fan I had was doing all the work. So out on the street the fan went, and the note was placed on out of boredom……

It sort of snowballed for a bit there…..

….yeah, that was my old computer desk top. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Not so good practically. The tape shifted and my wrist became a sticky mess every time I used the mouse.

Floor lamp…. bought from the same designer I got the old long ottoman from. It was too small, and didn’t fit my unit well…. bye bye lamp!

IKEA LACK table, falling apart from what I’m guessing was severe water damage (they’re honeycombed paper on the inside of the tabletops….) from an old neighbour that was getting rid of it. Thought I’d give it a try. It lasted a month.

The Christmas Tree from my first Christmas in my unit. Once Christmas was over I realised that I’d never put it up again because it was too big. And I have plans for a rather cool retro/scandi tree this year 😀 And don’t worry, there will be photos (and probably some DIY instructions, I plan on making most of the decorations myself)

I really do hope that whoever now owns them finds a purpose for them in their home. Because I just couldn’t.


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