chairs. chairs chairs chairs chairs chairs. -drool-

10 Oct

There is this great exhibit happening at the Queensland Perfoming Arts Center at South Brisbane at the moment, and I got to go along to it with a few friends this afternoon.

Called “The Italian Way of Seating – Fifty Years of Italian Chairs“, is a micodesignorgasm of 42 fantastic designer chairs from various designers, the earliest coming from 1957.

So braving a hangover from a fantastic dinner party last night, we soldiered over, and I managed to get some photos.

Pavone – Riccardo Dalisi, 1986, Zanotta  Edizioni

“Chair, signed original. Nickel-plated steel frame. The <<beak>>, <<tail>> and <<feet>> are yellow, whereas the <<snake>> is coral.

Dolly – Antonio Citterio con Oliver Low, 1996, Kartell

Foldable chair, structure and seat in polypropylene.

Chair One – Konstantin Grcic, 2003, Magis

Stacking chair in anodised alumium. Seat in die-cast aluminium treated with sputtered fluroinated titanium and painted in polyester powder (in black)

Favela – Fernando and Humberto Campana, 2003, Edra

Made from pieces of natural wood, glued and nailed together by hand.

969 – Gio Ponti, 1969, Montina (Gruppo Sintesi)

Massive beech wood, seat with elastic belts.

Tim -was- posing in the dank, and gave up just as I hit the shutter.

Seggiolina Pop – Enzo Mari, 2004, Magis

Children’s chair in expanded polypropylene.

Little Albert – Ron Arad, 2000, Moroso

Mass-produced obtained by rotationally moulded coloured polyethylene, completely recyclable.

Dr. Glob – Philippe Starck, 1988, Kartell

Stacking chair, steel frame painted in epoxipolyester powder (in black)

Left: Fiocco, Gruppo G14, Tecnologia CS&RB, 1970, Busnelli

Tubular curved steel frame protected by an expanded polyurethane sheath, covered by a completely removable elasticized fabric cover.

Right: S-Chair, Tom Dixon, 1988/Prod. 1991, Cappellini

Chair with dark lacquered metal frame covered in woven marsh straw or wicker, fixed cover in fabric or leather (in black)

…Tim’s a silly goose.

Vermelha – Fernando and Humberto Campana, 1998, Edra

Steel frame painted with epoxy powders. For the seat, five hundred metres of special rope with an acrylic core, covered in cotton.

Thinking Man’s Chair – Jasper Morrison, 1988, Cappellini.

Easy chair in varnished metal, with frame in tube, seat and back in flat bars.

Ripples – Toyo Ito, 2006, Horm

Frame in plywood, five different hearwoods: walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, ash.

Getsuen – Masanori Umeda, 1990, Edra

Moulded steel frame filling in polyurethane foam.

Fjord – Patricia Urquiola, 2000, Moroso

The essential and light frame owes its shape to the use of new materials and production technologies (in floral fabric)

Loving the hell out of this fabric and the patchwork way it’s arranged on the chair!!

After that we saw the Douglas Kirkland exhibit at GoMa which was amazing (and was my first time at GoMA other than the shop…oh god the shop… never let me in there with money…. I’ll go nuts!).

Been quite the rainy weekend. Looking forward to what design treats the week ahead will bring me!


One Response to “chairs. chairs chairs chairs chairs chairs. -drool-”

  1. mat October 10, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

    looks good sir! love the “S-Chair, Tom Dixon, 1988”

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