i think i need to sit down for a moment….

7 Oct

I’ll admit, I’m a total chairfag (because I’m gay for chairs). Had to deliver a document to KPMG on my way home from work. It would seem that KPMG is short for “really hot chairs”. And their office is in Riparian Plaza. (I worked as a receptionist for the building managers over New Years 09-10)

I had just stepped out of the elevator when, from the middle of the building, I notice the long table in the reception area, with about 12 Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs (“Y” chair, designed in 1949).

After my mini heartattack of joy, I delivered the documents and asked if I could take a photo…. of the chairs. Odd looks from the receptionist when she said yes. But… she said “yes”, and that’s the main thing.

Now these are bad photos…. it’s hard to represent your company while fagging out over chairs in a reception area, so I apologise.

That’s about half a years worth of wages on chairs. I’m all kinds of jealous.


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