the great iphone dump of 2010. part three.

5 Oct

It’s the final (iphone photo dump) countdooooown! do-do-doodoodoo!

Hope you guys have enjoyed these photos so far. I’ll make sure I keep you all up to date on any interesting finds I see while I’m out and about!

The dog chairs by Magis. I love these seats so very very much. My life plan (well one of many) is to own one. They’re so cute, that I forgive myself for the fact that they’re childrens furniture (why should kids have all the fun?!)

Back to Black (+ Spiro). A better shot of the poodle lamp. You can really see my sense of fun and kitsch (or tack as some would call it) developing can’t you!

This awesome 3D wire chandelier was in a clothing boutique at The Emporium in the Valley.

A bit of IKEA lovin’ for a Tuesday night. These came out around Christmas time I believe. (want!)

One of many fantastic window displays at The Judith Wright Center for Contemporary Art. The LED display cycled through various words. There was another window display next to it but I didn’t manage to get a photo of it (read: I was drunk and walking home from a nightclub)

Remember that horrible dust storm we had in 2009? This sign was outside a cafe near my old work once the dust had cleared. Thought it was a fun marketing ploy!

Ahhh The Limes hotel in the Valley. The upstairs bar usually has some words of inspiration written on its wall.

Steampunk inspired window display at Sass and Bide on James St. This was quite literally the 3rd photo I ever took with my Iphone.

And so that concludes the iphone photo dump! I’ve actually had fun reliving these. And maybe one day I’ll get around to taking photos with an actual camera!


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