a sign of the times (more powerhouse!)

3 Oct

For anyone a bit curious, once upon a time the Brisbane Powerhouse was actually a powerhouse that gave power to the tram lines servicing Brisbane. It was eventually decommisioned when the tram lines closed down and was used for various means until 2000 when it was opened as an artistic venue, and again in 2007 after a renovation and capacity upgrade. You can read more about its history at the Brisbane Powerhouse website. And here.

They have a lot of great national and international acts performing here (I recently saw Pam Ann do her thing at the Powerhouse, was a great night!), a farmers market twice a month…..  and as promised (and I’ve delivered)…… More photos of the crazy signs that appear around the grounds!


One Response to “a sign of the times (more powerhouse!)”

  1. Matthew P Gridley October 3, 2010 at 5:22 am #

    I love visiting the powerhouse and looking out for the wacky signs they have. It is a brilliant art-space worthy of any new visitor to this city.
    I personally love the old graffiti inside the building, and the huge wall from the original powerhouse. One of my favourite places in Brisbane.

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