the great iphone raid of 2010. part two.

30 Sep

welcome to part two of the iphone raid. once again it’s just photos of things that have caught my attention in the past since the purchase of said phone mid last year.

A felt pebble rug at Corporate Culture on Ann St. I’ve seen alot of these hand made on the internet using wool roving. Watch this space. I may end up caving in and making one in the future!

On James St, is a rather funky shoe store with this imposing vinyl fellow stuck to the window. Have forgotten the name of the store, but it’s right next to Francis Leon.

Urban, a restaurant on Mary St, has this fantastic metal cutout screen covering it’s glass wall. Silhouttes of pigs, cows, birds, seafood and different cooking utensils provide a really fun privacy screen from the streetview. And it’s absolute torture walking past this place at lunchtime, the smell coming from here is to die for (and I swear I would kill for a meal there)

Ahhh we come to drunken photography here. Waiting in line at a nightclub, a bottle of wine in my system (as you do), this little display caught my eye. Nothing particularly great about it, but simple and eye catching. Love the just random littering of modelling photos.

REALLY bad photo. But it was close to midnight on New Years 09-10 when this was taken at someone’s apartment in New Farm -sheepish grin-. It’s a low lying pendant, surrounded by what must be a few kilometers of thin plastic strips, covered in latin, in a nylon netting.  See, design pervert all the way!

The Brisbane based design love of my life, Anna Spiro, always has some sort of crazy lamp going on in her store. This is the blue poodle, but there is also a cockatoo lamp. This is where friends stop agreeing with my taste in decor. Stuff ’em. This would totally match with my horse desk lamp. (Miniture knockoff of the moooi horse lamp). I live just around the corner from this store, yet have never ventured inside. It’s on my list of things to do! Though you should definately check it out!

Anna Spiro’s house has also been featured in an Apartment Therapy home tour. Take a peek inside her amazing home here

Cockatoo lamp. How I love the. Let me count the ways!

One of many great window displays by Artisan/(m)art a store in Fortitude Valley (on Brunswick St, across the road from Grill’d/Judith Wright Centre) that specialises in selling alot of handcrafted local goods, from teatowels and lamps to messenger bags and jewellery.  I believe this was metal sheeting that had been turned into leaves.

The Purple Palate on Adelaide St, a fabulous little wine bar, has these great lights designed after their logo. If they go bust one day (heaven forbid), I’m totally putting an offer in on one of these pendants. I think it would go great in my (tiny) unit with (really low) ceilings.

And thus concludes part 2 of the great iphone raid. One more part to come, and then no doubt you’ll get a usual feed of crazy crap, as this is how I see Brisbane.


One Response to “the great iphone raid of 2010. part two.”

  1. Matthew P Gridley October 3, 2010 at 5:46 am #

    I love the cockatoo lamp, so kics!

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