“oohh that’s not for you to worry ’bout, you leave all of that to mama”

30 Sep

Something magical happens halfway through every (pay) month.

Maybe not so much magical as it is my need to not starve and die.

Slight back story: Last year (let’s blame the GFC… it had nothing to do with it, but lets just say it was) I found myself out of work for 6 weeks. The previous job paid fortnightly, and I always found myself being a little wasteful of food. Spent a good portion of severance pay on food thinking it would last me 3 or so weeks until I found a job. It lasted 3 or so weeks. And the joblessness continued. So I found myself eating nothing but rice with seasoning and water. Someone stepped in (thanks mum!) and stocked me up with food (and fed me and let me sleep in air con while I got my energy back). And ever since then, I’ve made sure I buy what I need, cook large batches to freeze, and eat vegetables. Lots of vegetables. You wouldn’t believe how much you miss fresh fruit and veggies when you can’t afford them.

So, new year, new job, but I only buy food once a month, not the smartest thing to do, but I’m terrible with stretching money out. And I always get to the point where I’ve got some cupboard staples rocking out and random other things. And somehow, they usually get married together into some form of “meal”. All in the name of using what I have and not being wasteful. And at least I don’t go hungry anymore.

So while at work yesterday, feeling a bit peckish, I jumped on The Kitchn and found post for a light french-style pizza called Pissaladière.

My brain then kicked in with “Well, I’ve got onions… I’ve got pizza bases…. I don’t have anchovies and I’m not a fan of olives… but I’ve got potato and some real mayo….I can make this work!”

Meet my version of the Pissaladière:

She’s crunchy, she’s soft, she’s a little (a lot) oniony, and she needs a little salt, but her and her half eaten brother (I made two, and got hungry) will be a lovely light breakfast for me for a while. And I think I’m going to miss her when she’s gone.

Also, while out on a walk last night, meandering past Corporate Culture, I found my new favourite thing:

As a friend so lovingly informed me, as I got all excited about a giant slinky (who wouldn’t!), “It’s just coiled wire… “. And so what if that’s the case. Look, a giant slinky is a giant slinky. It’s amazing. End of story.


Ahhh the GFC… you give such humour:


One Response to ““oohh that’s not for you to worry ’bout, you leave all of that to mama””

  1. Matthew P Gridley October 3, 2010 at 5:40 am #

    How nice of your mother to do that for you, I must try a pissaladie`re when I have the chance, I’ve never heard of it before but sure sounds interesting!

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