the great iphone raid of 2010. part one.

28 Sep

Having a camera phone isn’t exactly a new experience for me. Once upon a time, I had a Motorola Razr like all the other cool kids my age, that was eventually abandoned for an LG Prada.

Both had cameras.

Both also had really bad lenses and the world’s smallest amount of internal storage so I never really bothered taking photos.

Once upon a dream however, I became the proud owner of an apple iphone (thanks k-rudd, you really stimulated my package) and a world of photo taking came into closer view.

I’ve journeyed through the depths of my phone to rediscover some of the more interesting design pieces that have taken my eye/desire to buy things over the last year and a bit.

 Welcome to my iphone photo dump!

Now, my memory on some of these is hazy (re: clouded by alcohol) so do forgive me if I don’t have the greatest details down pat. But I’ll do my best.

…also most of them were taken at night. That’s when I go for my jog/walk/perving inside peoples apartments to see what furniture they have or how they’ve decorated.

 I’m a design pervert. And Brisbane has some very open windows.

Foot seat in the window of SPACE Furniture on James St. Jonathan Adler has one in his home! I love his home. I’m also the proud owner of Todd Selby’s book which has the below, and other photos in it. A real design degustation for the eyes.

Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler playing table tennis in their Manhattan apartment

… Shlix on Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley. Great gelati, fun store design, silly little spoon bin.

Inside Domayne in the Homemaker City was this cute little (ok, not too little at all) blackboard with birdcages drawn on it. Ornate frames work really well with simple art like this.

Signage on the bathroom doors at Urban Hotel in Spring Hill (a fantastic venue with some great live music, and a good place to unwind on a Sunday arvo with a bottle of something and some food)

Coffee shop (I’m pretty sure it’s a coffee shop) on Commercial Road. They’ve got a suit of armor next to the door, an old car inside, and some really cool art up. If only I drank coffee!

SPACE Furniture again. I really do love this store. I dream of jumping into a pile of chairs! (Only in the dream, the chairs wouldn’t all hurt me when I jump into them)

Some public art (I really love this, so colourful!) in the little ally between Santos Place on Turbot St, and whatever building is next to it…. (??) Santos Place, meanwhile, is a fantastic building. Some of the fitouts are great. You should all go and “accidentally get lost trying to find (x company)” in it one day

Living Edge Furniture. Brisbanes home of Eames and Herman Miller furniture. I’d step foot in there one day, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be able to afford the mid centure paper to write the IOU on. Until that day, I continue to put both palms on the window and press my face to it, MCM Garfield style. Though don’t you love a bit of typographical wall art!

A little boutique store on the corner of James and (some other) Street. One of my favourite wallpaper designs. Hundreds upon hundreds of tiny drawn frames for you to just stick photos and clippings onto.


2 Responses to “the great iphone raid of 2010. part one.”

  1. mat October 1, 2010 at 3:28 am #

    Urban Hotel! We really must return there…!

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