…because they’re filled with pretty pictures.

24 Sep

I have a confession to make.

It’s a substance abuse problem.

I’m addicted to interior decorating magazines. Quite heavily.

It all began while I was working at an architecture firm last year. Turns out, among the ones I had worked at, it was the most boring, uninspiring job I’ve ever had, with very little to do, and I needed something to pass the time.

Enter the newsagency down the road. It started innocently enough. A copy of InsideOut magazine.

From there it ballooned… Vogue Living, Belle Magazine, Real Living Magazine, Australian Home Beautiful (a free subscription with my switch over to 25% green electricity through my energy provider!), Australian House and Garden, and (once upon a time, when Borders actually stocked it) Ready Made magazine.

Sometimes, you realise getting them monthly just isn’t enough. A landscape architect friend hooked me up with about 30 back issues of InsideOut that he had stashed under his bed, and the Lifeline Bookfest (another addiction that happens two or three times a year where they fill 2 large warehouse rooms at the Southbank Convention and Exhibition Centre with books, magazines and more old people stocking up on books then they’ll never manage to finish in their limited remaining time that you can poke a stick at.)

They’ve been a great source of inspiration, and for letting me show off to my friends my trendy design knowledge.

Though really, they just make me want to buy things. Things I couldn’t afford in my wildest dreams! Or fit into my unit!

So until my dreams come true, I continue to buy these magazines, stash them away, perve on the Todd Oldham house tour, and wish that maybe one day, in the not too distant future, I’ll have a slightly bigger place to deck out in a hipster meets Swedish design style. (Though I did manage to finally get my hands on a BILLY bookcase from IKEA – totally needed it for all the new books and magazines).

Even then, I don’t think I’ll want to kick the habit!

This is BILLY here by the way (bad iphone photo….), a little overstuffed because I’m shifting my loungeroom around at the moment and my other bookshelf is slightly emptier for it…

Oh, and yes, that is a giant matchstick next to it.

Mr Bookshelf


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